Saturday, November 11, 2017

Top Quality Hair color correction service in Great Toronto Area

Here some of hair color correction  works done by Figaro salon in 2017

Don't worry if you've had a hair colour disaster! It's no secret that Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon provides its clientele with professional colour correction services. If a colour disaster strikes either at home or at another salon, we have the colour repair solution.
Anyone with a little knowledge can colour hair, but very few know how to correct it if it's gone bad. We are the hair colour specialists in Toronto and have been correcting hair colour for years. We can fix hair that is over-bleached and far too light, or a colour that has become too dark to look good. Bright orange roots, highlight that are a bit too noticeable, or an incorrect overall tone, we can turn any hair colour disaster into what you originally dreamed of!
Whether your colour is too dull, too streaky, too dark, too light, too green, or too red, we can fix it! At Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon we care not only about correcting your hair colour, but also about the health of your hair. Many hair colour corrections can change or damage the texture or condition of your hair and further worsen the situation. That is why we recommend using OLAPLEX Hair Treatment to improve the health of your hair whilst we improve its colour. If your hair colour is too severe to correct in one appointment, we can safely restore your hair back to health over several appointments.
It is difficult to determine the time and effort needed for colour correction without seeing you in person, so a consultation is always necessary to figure out how to achieve your desired hair colour.

Most colour correction falls into one of six categories and each requires different skills to execute properly.

From Dark Hair colour to Blonde
Light Hair colour to Darker colour
Hair Correction using Balayage Highlights
Hair Colour Correction using Foils Highlights
Hair Colour Correction using Ombre Highlights
From uneven, Hair colour to Vibrant colour

Anyone can afford to be beautiful and to have colour whey dream about. What are you waiting for? 416 9136533

Monday, November 9, 2015

Balayage Hair colour done by Figaro Salon Team


Balayage Hair Colour

one of the most popular colour technique We call it painting on hair .By using that technique master colorist create a sun kissed natural looking hair colour.
Looks great on Blond and on Brunette  hair is well.
This work was done by our team.Have a look! Call Us To get your Hairs done at Figaro Salon


We are the best Hair experts in Toronto for Balayage, Ombre, Brond Hair Coloring